Bad habits already

So I like School very much.

I am a very brave girl and did not cry at all, even when Mummy and Daddy left me there all on my own.

I mainly play with the boys and the toy cars.  The teacher says I talk a lot.  Actually, the Czech word for ‘a lot’ and ‘too much’ can be  the same,  but I am sure she just meant ‘a lot’

Daniel is a very nice and patient brother.  Because of me he has to get up really early every morning and come to school with Mummy and me.

Daddy says I have developed some bad habits already.  On my very first day at school, I got some homework.  But I still have not had time to do it yet.  I am a very busy person.  Perhaps I’ll have time next week?

Today we went outside and listened to a fairy story about a little boy whose friend was a deer.  Then we went inside and drew pictures of the deer.  My picture was so good that the teacher hung it on the wall.

So like Granny, I am now an exhibited artist.  Here’s my picture:


Do you like it?


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I go to School!

Today was my first day at school.


Mummy and daddy came with me to school, and I stayed there for almost all of the morning.  I like it very much and didn’t cry at all (although I was a teeny bit shy).

I am going to school again tomorrow, this time Mummy will leave me there all by myself.

The school is very nice and I already know lots of the other children.

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Lots and lots and lots of news!

So it was my birthday last month. Now I am three!

Being three is a very grown up age.  I do lots of grown up things now.

I can ride a proper bike now, (although I still need to use the training wheels).  I can swim really really fast now, and I can float all by myself, without my floating belt or anything, (but only for a second).   I can jump off the diving board too.  I like swimming!  I am also a very advanced jigsaw puzzler.   I can do puzzles with 99 bits now.  I am not supposed to be able to do puzzles that hard till I am older than seven (and in case I didn’t mention, I am only just three).  That makes me a jigsaw prodigy.


I had a lovely party for my birthday and lots of my friends came, and I got lots of lovely presents.  Thank you very much everybody!

But my really really big news is that ON MONDAY I START KINDERGARTEN!!! I am very excited. I already do dancing or aerobics almost every day and I especially like spending time with other children. So going to kindergarten is going to be fantastic.

I am getting more used to Daniel too now. I love him very much and try to kill him much less often than I used to.

I will write again after I start kindie, and tell you how it’s going.

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I have a little tiny brother

He is very nice.  His name is Daniel


He has his own blog like mine.  It’s here

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I went camping with Mummy and Daddy.  It was very relaxing:

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Daddy is Lazy

Hello everyone,

It has been a long time since I last posted on my blog.

I am very sorry about this, I have been putting photos on my flkr account though.  So you can at least see how I look these days.

Me being happy

At the moment I am busy on many projects. Mummy is making a little brother for me.  It might be a sister in fact, but I have been telling everyone it is a boy because I believe in the power of positive thinking.  Plus, boys have much better toys, for example cars, that I want to play with

The baby is inside mummy’s tummy now, but will come out soon.  Mummy and Daddy will go to the hospital and they when they come back they will bring the baby.

I am very good at swimming and can swim a long way – three lengths of the olympic pool.  Now I don’t need floaties anymore, but I still have a belt that helps me float.

It is nearly summer now, and soon we will be able to swim on the outside swimming pool, but I can’t go there yet because I have a nasty cough.  It is getting better though, so I am looking forward to that!

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We’ve got lots of snow

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I went to the zoo!

On Friday, Mummy and Daddy took me to the zoo.

I saw a lot of different animals. My favourite animals were the elephants. I can do a really good elephant impersonation!

While we were watching the elephants one of them did a really big poo.   So now, wherever I see a picture of an elephant, I yell out ‘poo!’ and giggle

Here’s a picture of me with the elephants.


At the zoo, there is also a special cage where small children can play with the moneys. I liked that very much. I think the monkeys are some kind of pussycat. That’s why I said ‘meow meow’ to them.

Yesterday, I was a very good girl. I didn’t wear nappies the while day, and I didn’t have ANY accidents.

I am a very good girl


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Another graduation

Here’s my certificate for graduating from my ‘Dancing for babies’ class:


I have two certificates now 🙂

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Hop hop!

Today, mummy and Daddy and I went to the fair.  We went last year too, and we go every year apparently.

I got a fan thingy on a stick which goes around when the wind blows, which I like very much.


There was a display of animals including lots of rabbits in cages.  I spent a long time there, because I had to go to each rabbit individually, jump up in the air, and tell them ‘Hop hop!” so that they will know how they are supposed to behave.

I also went for a ride on a horse.  I am a very good horse rider.  I didn’t fall off!


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